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Polyethylene coating


Polyethylene coating

Fluidized bed coating is the process of creating a fluidized bed with a fluidizer. Following their insertion into the fluidized bed, the material particles come into contact with the heated element, reaching the melting point of the material and forming a homogeneous coating.

Polyethylene Cover


Before applying the coating, we start by preparing the surface of the product so that coating can be applied. In our case it is a wire shelf. In order to achieve the desired coating result, the metal surfaces must be properly prepared and cleaned. This allows to get rid of all chips or dust that could negatively impact the coating applied in the process. This allows to ensuring that the element that is to receive the coating using the fluidized bed is clean and ready for further stages.

fluidization painting

A polyethylene cover is characterized by:

resistance to external factors
-protective properties against corrosion
-made of durable plastic
scratch resistance

fluidized coating

Quality Description

A polyethylene cover adheres very well to the material, in our case, carbon steel. The cover gives the product additional characteristics, somewhat resembling plastic. The width and length of the product increase by a few millimeters, precisely the thickness of the coating.

Types of Products - Polyethylene Coating

We subject metal elements to fluidized-bed coating. They require preheating to high temperatures for the coatings to adhere perfectly and evenly to the product. In our case, we use fluidized-bed coating for carbon steel, from which wire products are made. These include shelves, baskets, partitions, hooks, and store hangers. We also coat custom-made elements.


If you are interested in having your product coated with fluidized-bed coating, please contact us, providing all the technical details to receive a quotation. You can find all the information about the scope of fluidized-bed coating and our complete offering here – Fluidization.

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