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wire shelf

Wire shelf

The advantages of wire shelving are widely recognized. On the one hand, a shelf allows to achieve perfect airflow through the elements of a cooling or heating appliance. On the other hand, a shelf is the perfect solution to display products in a shop. Kitchen users will also appreciate shelving made from wire. A wire shelf is a great way to store all the necessary items.

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What shelving is available in our offer?

We offer a wide variety of wire shelving and product categories to meet your needs. You can choose the material your wire shelving will be made from. We have two versions in our offer: a black steel and a stainless steel shelf.

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There are more features to be customized than just the material. You can also choose the wire thickness. Available versions range from 1.5 mm to 10 mm.

Additionally, to protect the material against corrosion, we add a finishing stage according to your preferences. Options include polishing and electropolishing, chrome, zinc, as well as fluidizing and powder coating.

With such capabilities, our products can be very diverse, at the same time being similar in terms of quality.

SHELMO wire shelving

Why buy from us?

Discover other advantages of shopping with SHELMO and see why our wire shelves are a good choice.


Each wire shelf is available in many versions to choose from. You will easily find the product to fit your individual requirements.


Regardless of the dimensions, material or coating – the prices of our wire shelves are attractive.


Shipping usually takes a couple of days, so your wire shelves will arrive as soon as possible.


All Shelmo products, including wire shelves, not only guarantee full usability, but you can be sure that the purchased product will serve you for a long time. You will appreciate them for their durable color, resistance to damage and the fact that the shelf material does not deform!


All our products are not only robust and functional but also extremely easy to install. It only takes a few simple steps, easy enough for virtually anyone to perform.

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Benefits of stainless steel

There are numerous benefits associated with using stainless steel and the following list only enumerates the most important ones:

Aesthetic properties

Using stainless steel allows for many surface finishing options. This material is also very easy to maintain and clean, which ensures an eye-pleasing appearance in your shop display.

Hygienic advantages

Stainless steel is often the material of choice for hospitals and pharmaceutical processes but also for kitchens and the food industry. This is due to its high cleanability and ease of upkeep.


Modern processing techniques applied for stainless steel allow to reduce its thickness and weight, which is reflected in reduced costs of production. Other techniques may be used to provide very high strength materials for various applications.

Benefits of black steel

Black steel is the term used to describe steel with black oxide scale applied on its surface – this treatment method yields a number of advantages, the most important of which are:


Black steel offers superior resistance to mechanical loads, ensuring that the material does not crack easily when under heavy load.


This type of material offers uniform tensile strength along the entire length, allowing to manufacture consistent diameters without compromising quality and working parameters.

Corrosion resistance

If the material does not suffer damage in the form of nicks, scrapes or cuts, black steel is virtually maintenance-free. If additional protective measures, such as galvanization or powder coating are applied, the material becomes almost fully resistant to corrosion.

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