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wire bending

Wire bending

Wire bending involves deforming a wire using a special machine. The bender bends the wire in three planes until the right angle is obtained. 3D wire bending transforms the wire into a three-dimensional component a finished product suitable for sale.

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Wire bending services

We are a manufacturer of bent wire products. We use modern machines for professional and safe wire bending. Thanks to this we are able to manufacture various wire products according to our designs or made to individual customers order.

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What distinguishes
wire products manufactured
in our company?

What makes us different from our competitors? We work with the best certified machines. The product the customer receives from us is galvanized, stainless steel and powder coated. It is distinguished by high quality and aesthetics. On our part, we make every effort to ensure that the wire components meet the customers expectations.

If you want to cooperate with an experienced manufacturer of wire products we invite you to cooperate with us.

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