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Shop hangers are products that are used in a huge number of stores. They enable the aesthetic presentation of the assortment in order to encourage customers to buy. Such pendants can appear as stand-alone elements or create shop fittings.

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Shop hangers

In our offer you will find everything you need to professionally equip your store. Among other things, there are various types of waiting for you:


Thanks to their use, you will take care of the professional presentation of your products - from toys, through clothes and hats.


Ready elements that can act as full-fledged furniture and be part of the structure. You will put hangers on them to display your products.

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shop hangers
wire elements

Shop hangers

Our existing customers point to several important advantages, thanks to which our proposals for hangers are on the equipment of their stores.

Advantages of our products:

Solid and durable
construction of products
for shop fittings

Universal design
that allows you to
freely change the settings

Attractive price that allows you to reduce costs

The final price of each product depends on its configuration, but no matter what – we are convinced that you will find something for every budget.


What is the price of tags,
and shop grates?

The exact price is always given individually.

wire element

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