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wire divider

Wire dividers

Even though they are commonly used, a customer often tends to overlook such elements as wire dividers to be used with shelves. This is not without a reason. Wire shelf dividers are able to make all kinds of coolers, fridges or display baskets easy to use.

The main advantage of the dividers is the ability to divide space inside the appliance and allow each product to be placed as required. A shelf divider for wire shelving allow to split products into categories and types.An esthetic products display will surely attract customers’ attention. Dividers are able to support in you in creating a completely new division of space and making maximum use of it.

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What are the advantages of SHELMO shelf dividers?

Each divider offered by SHELMO is a product perfect for a variety of applications – here are some of the benefits the divider can offer to a customer:

Maximized usage of space in your appliance

Appealing product display appearance

You can change the layout inside the appliance in almost no time – just install or remove a shelf divider

Easy arrangement of your equipment’s interior space

Easy to install and maintain

Shelf dividers can be used in a variety of appliances, such as racks, fridges, display baskets

Which shelf divider for wire shelves is the best for you?

Our offer includes a wide range of shop equipment items, including accessories for wire shelving. You will find shelf dividers to help you tidy up the display of any product. 

Shelf dividers come in different shapes and sizes, they also have hundreds of applications. Whichever you choose, remember that this product is designed to facilitate using the target appliances.

Why SHELMO dividers for wire shelves?

Manufactured from top-quality materials

Every divider designed for wire shelving is made of one of two wire types: stainless steel or black steel. It is also provided with additional protective coating, including chrome or zinc. Our offer also includes wire shelf dividers with fluidizing coating which protects the material even better thanks to its thickness ranging from 0.25 mm to 1 mm. The dividers are always dimensioned to help a customer meet the requirements of the particular application, so each divider is designed to best fit the requirements of an individual wire shelf in your store.

Better organized

A shelf divider, as an additional element, cannot hinder your work. That is why our products are easy to install and remove. A customer can change the appearance of their product display with dividers for wire shelves in literally just a few moments, as these devices are easy to install. From the organizational point of view, dividers are an essential element that does not cost a lot of time but brings significant results.

Configure your product as you like

Your product’s specification is up to you. A customer may choose the length, material, number and thickness of the wires, as well as the protective coating. Wire shelf dividers may be customized to match your current appliances or furniture. This way our shelf dividers will ensure the most perfect complement and improvement for your existing products storage methods.

plasticized divider
Plasticized white divider

Do you have questions concerning custom shelf divider lead times?

If you want to know more about the configuration possibilities of wire shelf dividers, complete the form with any questions you might have.

We will be glad to answer your questions and provide you with technical support to customize the shelf divider for your appliance.

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