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wire welding


Welding is the process of permanently joining metal or plastic materials. The parts to be welded are heated and become plastic. The joining of materials is caused by surface pressure. Welding methods are different and are used depending on the material and needs. It is essential that the welding is permanent. In SHELMO we care about every detail, so the welding is done by experienced people in this field.
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Rotary friction welding

Butt welding involves heating the surfaces of both joining materials and then applying mechanical pressure. This allows the two pieces to be joined together. Joints shall be made by appropriately trained personnel familiar with butt welding techniques and who have a working knowledge of the use of welding machines.

Spot welding

Spot welding is a method in which workpieces are joined at separate points/spots so that one, two or more welds can be formed at the same time.
Spot welding is the most commonly used welding method.

spot welding

Division of spot welding:

single-point bilateral (most common),

double-sided two-pointers,

single-sided one- and two-pointers.

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