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WIRE SHELVES in gastronomy


WIRE SHELVES in gastronomy

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A traditional fridge and some glass shelves may be not enough for storing products requiring the right temperature. The fridges we usually buy for our homes do not offer a sufficient number of shelves and enough space to be used in gastronomy, hoteling or grocery stores, not to mention solutions such as wire shelving.  SHELMO offers a solution for this problem by offering wire shelving that can be adjusted to meet your needs.

During shopping, customers put products into the basket more willingly if the offer is esthetically appealing and presented in an attractive way on the shelving units.

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Rack, cooling table

These devices are suitable both for gastronomy, as well as the hotel industry and retail stores – in all the applications where shelving units are used for food storage and other purposes. Shelving units can be used to keep the product fresh as long as possible and to prevent food spoilage. Additionally, cooling equipment enhances product storage and facilitates their display. When thinking of equipment for your new facility, you need to choose a shelving unit based on the products to be stored and individual preferences.

Cooling equipment

When choosing a piece of equipment, attention should be paid to a number of factors, such as what cooling system to choose, what shelving units and storage solution to use, what filters are we going to need, how many shelves, what material and at what price. You have the option to decide for ourselves on how to display our products to keep your customers’ attention and attract their interest. Glass-door equipment allows to see the contents all at once, saving energy and time on searching through the products. A wire shelf will help arrange products in the best possible way.

A wire shelf – back to the roots?

Can you still remember that metal fridge with shelving units made of wire, which your parents keep in the basement nowadays? They were very popular back in the day. You can find similar fridges with shelves of this type e.g. in the Home Appliances Museum in Ziębice, Poland.

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Wire shelving is back in a new form

The old school fridges had so-called rib shelves. Nowadays, the similar solution used for food storage is called wire shelving and this storage solution has many more advantages when compared to the currently used glass shelves. At first glance, the properties of this shelving unit seem very similar, as the main idea is to arrange the space inside the device. Free space between the bars ensures that wire shelving allows for better air circulation, which in turn provide even cooling of products and prevents them from excessive spoilage.

Glass shelving is not the best option

Elements made of wire are a better solution than a glass plate. Glass is much easier to damage or break. Prices of shelving units made of wire more attractive.

Wire shelving – metal or plastified version?

Our storage solution offer includes shelving units made of wire in two versions. The first one are shelves made from stainless steel. The alternative are shelves made from black plastified steel that also allow you to choose a color from among the currently available options. The choice of material mainly depends on what you are looking for. Metal shelves are easy to clean (you can even put them into a dishwasher with no fear). The only limitation is the size.

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Give your refrigerator a new look

Our offer includes numerous variants of shelving unit options made using wire. Your wire shelf doesn’t have to be boring! At SHELMO, choosing the details of your order is up to you. It is always the right time for a change and the categories are unlimited. With us, you can be confident about high quality and diligent crafting. Choose the number of shelves you need and decide on your own what you are looking for and what will your display look like. Pick the color, material, height, dimensions, add an image and send a query.

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If you are interested in our wire products, we are able to offer you a shelving unit that may be used for different food storage appliances – our website now offers a contact form. Complete it, show us your design and we will answer all your questions and dispel any doubts. All your questions are answered by our industry experts based on their education and expertise.

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