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Wire shelf for a store display rack


Wire shelf for a store display rack

Wire shelves are one type of shelves used in store display racks. They are commonly seen in grocery stores due to the various product categories. Properly equipping a store with suitable shelving units will have a tangible impact on the store’s functionality.

Wire store shelves

Store equipment consists of many elements and devices. Wire shelves with different dimensions are an ideal solution for displaying various types of products in a store.

Wire shelves

Steel wire shelves

The choice of material mainly depends on the desired end result. If we opt for plastic-coated wire shelves, the material used for the shelves is black steel. The available plastic coating colors are white or gray.

Stainless steel shelves

Alternatively, there are wire shelves made of stainless steel. Attention should be paid to the environments in which the wire shelf will be placed to ensure a perfect fit.

Plastic-coated wire shelves

Plastic-coated steel shelves, thanks to the appropriate number of wires and precise polyethylene coating on each wire element, are resistant to external factors and durable. It can be said that it is a shelf in the form of a metal skeleton but with the properties of a plastic shelf. It works perfectly in protecting the material against corrosion.
Thorough cleaning and etching of the shelf just before the fluidized bed painting process result in a smooth and well-adhering coating.
The variant of white plastic-coated wire shelves is often used in store display racks. The plastic coating obtained through the fluidized bed painting process helps maintain the cleanliness of the shelves and all store equipment components, thanks to its smooth and even surface.

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Metal rack

A metal rack is mainly a component of grocery store equipment.

Shelmo - Manufacturer of wire shelves

We carry out the entire production process in our facilities. We have our own modern machinery, which allows for the quick completion of any order. Until the logistics process is carried out, the finished shelf is properly stored, and the products in the warehouse are handled with great care.

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In our company’s offer, you will find wire components such as wire shelves, baskets, and store hangers. Additionally, we offer 2D and 3D wire bending and wire welding services, which allow us to create custom products.

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