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Wire shelves and their influence on air circulation in the device


Wire products manufacturer – who are our clients?

We offer various products made of wire that will suit the needs of manufacturers, stores, as well as wholesalers. Wire shelves or baskets are used in refrigerators but also in furniture and made-to-measure wardrobes.

Wire elements: shelves, dividers, shop hangers and baskets.

In fact, there are no limitations – everyone can independently choose their own application for wire products. For example, display hooks may be useful both for manufacturers and agents providing comprehensive store equipment.

Who will find the appropriate products at SHELMO?

Manufacturers of cooling and freezing appliances

Wire shelves, baskets or shelf dividers are the perfect match for any kind of cooling or refrigerating tables or racks. And rightly so, as apart from their relatively low price, they are solid and durable. Another element is a wire shelf divider that may be used to divide the space inside equipment however you like. Plastified wire products will do good here, as their thick and flexible coating makes them impact resistant. .

Furniture and custom-made installation providers

Shoe cabinets are a great example for using wire shelves with broad bar spacing. This application is currently used by manufacturers. Products made of wire can be manufactured out of custom wire diameters, so we can tailor the product to the particular piece of furniture and its application. Elements with powder or fluidized coating are also perfect for kitchen appliances or wardrobes.


Any store – irrespective of their offer

Store equipment should be high-quality and durable. This helps avoid unnecessary problems related with product display. Very functional display grills and display hooks are an alternative for typical shelving . These metal components may enhance your product presentation, taking the store appearance to another level.

From design to product

Everything starts from the individual needs and designs of a customer who is looking for a wide range of wire forms. Before we can start production, the wire product must be well-considered in every detail. All manufacturing stages for products are performed at our own manufacturing facilities, from wire bending to final finishing. Our products may be manufactured with a custom wire form, according to our customers’ specification and technical designs.

SHELMO – wire products and more

We make wire elements. Our offer includes wire shelves, baskets, shelf dividers, display hooks and display grills. We manufacture wire products with black steel and stainless steel wire with a diameter from f1.5 mm to f10 mm. Many years of experience allowed us to implement an extensive range of wire forming techniques for the food processing industry, but also for a wider range of industries. We also perform a variety of production activities, including bending, spot-welding the wire and apply fluidizing coating.

Whatever you need, just wisit our wire elements website.

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