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Wire dividers and enhancing goods display


Wire dividers and enhancing goods display

Matters of good organization are among the most often discussed topics. Probably because it is ubiquitous and concerns almost every field. From organizing your own life, through organizing your work, up to the organization of shop equipment and spatial arrangement. Today, we have organizational techniques at hand and other additional elements that can come to our aid, not only in the form of wire shelf dividers.

Organization on shop shelves

Shops may use shelf dividers for organizing the shop or warehouse display. Modular furniture and shelving that allows the user to introduce independent modifications are becoming more and more popular. This means that people start noticing the advantages of such furniture, which can accommodate not only wire shelf dividers, but also other solutions. With this solution, you can change a single shelf into two separate product categories. This provides great convenience and an improvement in functionality.

Advantages of using shelf and basket dividers

Improved furniture functionality

Furniture and baskets fitted with dividers will boost placement of every product. This translates to a more attractive display and less price impact exerted on purchasing decisions. A convincing product offer and their proper presentation may improve the frequency with which customers are looking at the shelves and the frequency of reaching for products to put them into the basket.

Improved space organization

Shelf dividers may help utilize the storage space up to 100 percent. Sometimes we do not want a single shelf to accommodate several product categories, so we just give up, thus wasting available space. In such a case, just use a divider to separate different products from one another. This way, with functional shop equipment, you can fit more assortment into the same space.

Very good product visibility

The way we display our products on shelves matters. It is essential that all product information – logo, name, brand, main intended use are clearly visible, allowing for the assortment to be seen even from afar. Price bars are easier to install on a shelf with a wire divider. This allows to easily locate the products we are looking for at the moment.

Shelving dividers – furniture modifiers

A divider will provide a quick and efficient division of the space both on a shelf and in a wire basket. There is no need to replace all your equipment. Enjoy the new look of your furniture by adding a divider to a shelf or a basket. This modification is extremely quick and easy, but can bring much better results. It is beyond comparison that a purchase of extra accessories will cost far less than general renovation.

Find the products you are looking for quickly and easily

A divider may efficiently separate the display of goods into different categories – by product type, brand, price, color or material. It will be easy to find each and compare the available versions of the same assortment. This way, we’ll put the best-fitting product into the basket and, most importantly, we won’t lose time looking for it.

Makes it easier to use the shelf

Wire shelf dividers hold the products still on the shelves, preventing them from sliding or falling. They will not ruin your display and you won’t need to worry and adjust them all the time. Additionally, a shelf divider facilitates the customers’ access to products during shopping, at the same time helping the seller with their responsibilities.

Reduced shopping time for customers

When shopping, there is always a product we cannot seem to find. As a result, we often give up on buying it, as we do not want to lose too much time looking for it. We can of course ask the staff, but hardly anyone does it. Products that are well-arranged on the shelf or sorted in the basket, are more visible and easier to find.

Made of a durable material

Shelf dividers are a great way to modify the equipment, depending on the display requirements. Metal shelving or a single shelf can be fitted with a plastified, stainless-steel or powder coated divider, thus creating a shop furniture system fitted with accessories. You will certainly find the matching material and color. The most popular are white and gray plastified coatings.

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