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Wire bending


Wire bending

Options – wire bending and cutting

Our offer includes wire processing services (wire cutting, wire bending, wire welding). With our own machine park of CNC machines, which includes a 2D and 3D wire bending machine, we are able to offer the highest efficiency and repeatability in the market. Our machines can offer bent wire diameters from 2 to 12 mm. The main materials that we can use for wire bending with our machines are products made of carbon steel and stainless steel, as well as zinc-coated components. All bending specifications are determined individually and using automatic machines ensures the best delivery time and quality that meets the needs of our customers. The wire bending service can be used depending on your intended expectations.

Wire bending workflow details

Exchanging specifications and expected results of wire bending.

Determining the deadline and cost for the wire bending services to be performed.

Performing wire bending with the appropriate machine.

Delivering a wire bending product that is precise and meets all the requirements listed in the specification.

Wire bending services

Manufacturing wire elements requires a series of stages to ensure that steel processing will be effective and ensure better results. We offer cutting, bending, welding and spot welding of custom made wire bars. All wire products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art Bending Center, which allows for fast production and respecting our partners’ time.

We design and perform orders directly for large international companies. Information on all the available service categories, including wire bending services, can be found here – SHELMO SERVICES.

Wire bending – Lesser Poland

The location of our company does not limit our options for working with customers who are seeking wire bending and cutting services. We currently provide wire bending services to local companies both in Poland and Europe. Using modern automatic solutions for logistics and delivery ensures that there are no obstacles we cannot handle and can always deliver better results. We make every effort to ensure that the entire logistics process connected with order execution is seamless and without negative surprises.

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The way we display our products on shelves matters. It is essential that all product information – logo, name, brand, main intended use are clearly visible, allowing for the assortment to be seen even from afar. Price bars are easier to install on a shelf with a wire divider. This allows to easily locate the products we are looking for at the moment.

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