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Why is polyethylene coating durable?


Why is polyethylene coating durable?

Polyethylene coating is obtained through a process called fluidized-bed coating. Thanks to the coating obtained in this process, it can be used in many applications. Typically, this process is used for products that are exposed to external factors and mechanical damage.

Technical data and properties

Fluidized-bed coated steel products are used in various environments such as warehouses, grocery stores, and others, depending on the requirements.
The polyethylene coating behaves like plastic in terms of all its elements. It has a smooth surface and flexible form. It can be described as shelves in the form of a metal skeleton, but with the properties of plastic shelves.

Polyethylene coating is:

Resistant to external factors

Provides protection against corrosion

Made of durable synthetic material

Resistant to scratches

Features of the coating and the final product

Polyethylene coating is increasingly being used by manufacturers of wire products intended for refrigeration and shop equipment. The steel material gains longevity through insulation provided by the coating, making the entire product more durable.
The requirements for the object are dictated by the application environment.

More about the mentioned process

If you have detailed questions after reading this article, you can find information about fluidized-bed coating and the coating obtained through this process here: fluidized-bed coating. The properties of wire elements depend on the material and finishing of the product.

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