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What kind of wire elements do we produce?


What kind of wire elements do we produce?

Materials such as carbon are used to manufacture steel wire using professional equipment, allowing various versions of a single product to be created. Our offer includes wire elements, such as baskets, shelves, shelf dividers, display hooks and others. With our continuously expanding machine pool, we increase our capacity to manufacture new and complex products.
Bent metal elements – manufacturing capabilities
As we follow market developments related to metal elements and their technical specifications that are in demand on the market, we manufacture shelves and baskets in GN (Gastro Norm) standard dimensions. However, pre-defined sizes are not always what customers are looking for. With this in mind, we are capable of manufacturing customized wire elements, but this requires more effort and time.
Product designs may vary depending on the requirements resulting from the technical specification. There are several variables involved, including:

Wire element material

Material selection always comes first. A wire element may be made of carbon steel and finished with fluidizing coating.

Color of elements

The color depends on the finish of each element. Currently, fluidizing-coated products may be either white or grey. With powder coating, we have more options.


In the case of wire shelves, it is a square or rectangle. We manufacture standard sizes in accordance with GN or with customer technical specifications. Each wire bend is made according to previously agreed arrangements and the technical drawing. When it comes to wire display hooks, they can be either single or double.

Additional wire elements

Various types of bends, barriers mounted to the shelf or wire basket. All wire product modifications required for the functioning of the final shelving. 

More information

Contact us! As a manufacturer, we have vast manufacturing capabilities, which is why our offer is not restricted to standard versions of wire elements. You can review all our products and their technical parameters on our website or obtained this information from our technical advisor.

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