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Refrigeration monoblock – working principle


Refrigeration monoblock – working principle

How a cooling system works

All elements within the cooling system are responsible for the system’s operation and efficiency. Factors that impact this include both their assembly and specification. Some cooling equipment requires specific solutions. High cooling efficiency is possible thanks to properly selected parameters for each of the components.

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Monoblock description and diagram


The main component of the refrigeration unit is the compressor. Its function is to suck in the low-pressure, low-temperature cooling medium vapor and compress it to a high pressure and high temperature.  Downstream the compressor, the hot gas enters the condenser where it releases heat.


The purpose of the condenser is to remove the heat absorbed by the media in the evaporator and generated during compression. At the condenser outlet, the cooling medium is a liquid under high pressure.

Expansion element: e.g. capillary tube

The liquid cooling medium reaches the capillary tube which is a throttling element. The purpose of the capillary tube is to adjust the medium flow so that the flow matches the evaporator incidental thermal load.


The main function of the evaporator in a piece of cooling equipment is to collect ambient heat. In monoblocks, we use copper-aluminum lath evaporators with induced air circulation.

Temperature regulator

Depending on the external conditions, the temperature regulator controls the cooling process by measuring the temperature and turning the compressor on or off accordingly. This controls the consumption of electricity.

Dehydrator filter

There is a dehydrator filter fitted in the system to absorb humidity from the cooling medium and to collect any pollution from the system. 

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Main monoblock system assumptions

The main assumption when building a refrigeration unit of any kind is to achieve maximum cooling system efficiency. The second, additional parameter is the size. We are trying to achieve a system that will work properly in a given usage environment, while keeping its overall size as small as possible. With monoblocks, we are able to use significantly smaller cooling structures, achieving the same or even higher efficiency.

Cooling agent specifications

The cooling agent used in our monoblocks is the environmentally friendly R290 gas – propane. Note that the amount of this gas in an individual system cannot exceed 150 g. The amount of propane in each SHELMO monoblock does not exceed this value.

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“V” type air outlet

In order to achieve an optimal flow of air and its circulation in the end cooling equipment, our monoblocks are fitted with dedicated V-shaped air outlets. They allow for optimized and efficient air circulation without much effort for the overall furniture design and selecting appropriate fans, as is the case in side-mounted monoblocks. Central mounting and the “V” type air outlet results in the most efficient air circulation possible.

Central mounting

The central location of the monoblock unit in a piece of cooling equipment and two V-shaped air outlets significantly improve air circulation in the usable area. These solutions ensure that the cooling equipment will retain a proper and even temperature profile, minimizing energy consumption.

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A heat pump is not a cooling monoblock

We often call heat pumps monoblocks, but their operating principle is different from that of cooling monoblocks. They work as a heating and not as a cooling aggregate. Heat pumps types also include “split” units. Their purpose is to heat buildings in the most efficient way. We would like to highlight this, because our text concerns monoblock cooling systems – not monoblock type heat pumps.

A monoblock is the perfect solution in the cooling equipment manufacturing industry. A range of several monoblock models allows you to choose the appropriate one and adjust it to your individual needs. As a consequence, monoblocks may be applied in a growing number of devices. Read more on ready-made “plug & play” cooling systems – SHELMO monoblocks.

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