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Wire shelves plastic coated


Wire shelves plastic coated

What is the process of obtaining a plastic coated shelf?

A plastic coated steel wire shelf is obtained through the fluidization process. A wire shelf that consists of coated wire that has been thoroughly covered with polyethylene is a storage solution that is resistant to external factors and durable. Thorough cleaning of a wire shelf and pickling it directly before applying the fluidizing coating allows for obtaining a smooth coating that adheres very well to the material.

Wire shelves plastic coated - product properties


A plastic coated wire shelf that may be used in stores for cooling cabinets and equipment is available in white or gray color versions. This makes a wire shelf made of carbon steel significantly more corrosion resistant.


A plastic coated wire shelf is usually available fitted with limiters and barriers. These shelf elements support shelf functionality, depending on the type of your cooling equipment where it is to be installed. Usually the product price increases if you choose additional options.

Wire shelves plastic coated for a GN cabinet

Product size categories for plastic coated shelves include standard GN (Gastro Norm) dimensions. Such a product is adjusted to the dimensions generally used in storage furniture seen in stores. A plastic coated wire shelf designated for cooling cabinets and cooling racks should be durable, with their use in gastronomy in mind.

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All information about coated wire shelves products is available here – Wire shelves plastic coated. If you are interested in the product price, reach out to us using the contact form. Please provide information such as dimensions and quantity, upload your technical drawing and our technical advisor will contact you with a response.

półka druciana plastyfikowana

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