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Wire shelves and their influence on air circulation in the device


Wire shelves and their influence on air circulation in the device

Shelves fitted in equipment or furniture have never been designed by chance. There was always a factor influencing the choice of the proper shelf, its material and its shape. Everything to match the product to the customer’s needs and preferences. And also to the intended use of the equipment and the expected results. That is why shelving is made from different materials, so that you could choose the best option to match different conditions. The choice should be carefully considered, so that the selected item ensures the most effective storage of goods.

Spaces between the bars of wire shelving allow for better air circulation.

Air circulation

It is a crucial aspect in cooling equipment. A glass shelf is made of a dense material and has no gaps in its structure. Whereas wire shelving design is completely different, with a number of bars arranged parallel and perpendicular to each other. Wire elements are arranged in such a way so as to create free space to facilitate airflow. Spaces between the bars of wire shelving allow for better air circulation, which accounts for uniform item cooling. This prevents excessive product spoilage.

Wire shelf vs. glass shelving

Currently, there are different categories of shelving available, featuring different materials and sizes. Shelving is made of glass, plastic or metal bars. Yet, regardless of the chosen material, their usage must be comfortable and practical.

Wire shelf specification

Wire shelving is made of wire with a diameter of between f1.5 mm and f10 mm. We can select the appropriate finishing, depending on the shelf usage, e.g. plastified shelves will work better in gastronomy than stainless steel or powder coated ones. This is due to the fact that plastified shelves feel more like plastic than metal.

Available wire shelf finishing options

Fluidizing coating creates a durable and resistant coating. It currently makes this type of protection very popular. The plastic coating created in the process of fluidizing reduces the risk of breaking glass or porcelain items. Comprehensive information about fluidizing coating – fluidizing coating.

Glass shelving

Shelving made of glass are finished with plastic or metal elements. They are made of hardened glass, which makes them more resistant to damage than normal glass. However, it remains one solid surface which prevents good airflow. It means that we get better airflow when using wire shelves than glass shelves.

What shelving is offered by sellers?

Customers’ decisions are mostly based on the visual aspect. We also pay attention to functionality, the price and esthetics. Nowadays, sellers offer more equipment with glass shelving, despite their higher price. Whereas wire shelving offers many advantages we tend to forget about. They are more resistant to damage than the easy breakable glass and offer better storage options for your items. Moreover, the prices of wire shelving and wire elements in our offer, e.g. wire baskets, are very attractive and much lower than those of glass shelving.

Available products –material and air circulation

The materials we use in manufacturing are stainless steel and black steel, selected depending on the actual need of the customer. For cooling equipment, we also use wire elements in the form of baskets. Choose the shelf dimensions yourself – the length, width and the type of anti-corrosion protection, e.g. fluidizing coating.

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Delivery is also very important when shopping for any product. At SHELMO, products are very well protected from all sides to avoid damage. We are committed to ensuring seamless delivery of every product and that upon delivery to the customer the material is as new.

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