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Wire baskets manufacturer


Wire baskets manufacturer

We are among wire basket manufacturers that offer various types of baskets made of wire. Non-standard orders are usually initiated by our customers. We deliver the necessary wire products for stores and warehouses, with various wire diameters available from our factories. Our products are robust and resistant to external factors through the use of materials such as stainless steel. Their application in stores includes baskets for clothing, toys and many other accessories.

Wire baskets

Stackable baskets made of wire

This product’s key advantage and feature is the capacity to be placed one over another. This way, depending on the space available and the room height, wire basket manufacturers can help build racks with stainless steel baskets as the main element. Such racks have a broad range of applications and are used by many companies as warehouse and store equipment made of wire. An especially important application is arranging your display windows.

Dedicated basket dividers

Other products and accessories complement the offer of products and further expand their capabilities, allowing our customers to buy a comprehensive set of products. Dividers are perfectly matched to the basket, separating storage areas and also fit for a number of commercial applications.

Leading supplier of high quality component parts

High quality products can be manufactured of wire made from stock metals including stainless steel or carbon steel and coated with polyethylene. Precision compression allows to achieve the desired thickness. Powder coating is also possible, while the actual coating used will determine the capabilities of the end product. Fluidizing coating makes the products more robust and resistant to scratching or the impact of external factors; this treatment will also ensure precision and uniformity.

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Our offer includes gray or white plastified wire baskets made among others of stainless steel wire. Our automated processes and the efforts of our engineering team allow us to manufacture baskets made of wire in various dimensions – standard or tailored to individual needs. We also manufacture basket accessories, including the dividers mentioned above.

About us

SHELMO – a manufacturer of products made of wire. We manufacture wire elements for various store assortments and the cooling industry. We care for our customers, completing orders on time and providing robust end products.

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