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Wire shelves and their influence on air circulation in the device


Shelf for refrigerated cabinets

Product material

Refrigerated display shelves can be made of plastified or stainless steel. The first variant is chosen most often due to the properties of the plastic coating. It features outstanding durability and effectively prevents corrosion of wire shelves.

Design versions

The product may be fitted with limiters or a barrier. Stainless steel shelves or glass shelves to be used in a refrigerated display or cabinet for product display come in all different shapes and sizes. Our commercial products are fit for applications in a wide range of temperature conditions and optimized for energy savings. All information about shelf design versions for cooling equipment can be found here: wire shelves site.


It is essential to equip restaurants and stores with all the necessary devices and accessories. Their proper selection makes work organization more effective, making shopping easier for customers and supporting employees in their work. Surely, it is both attractive and expected to have chilled products at hand. Both stores and restaurants have to choose a cooling cabinet appropriate for their assortment.

Wire accessories for cooling cabinets

As a manufacturer of wire items, apart from plastified shelves, we also make other accessories for cooling equipment and much more. We are able to manufacture wire shelf dividers for dividing the space inside a cooling cabinet. Shelf barriers are also very popular, preventing products from slipping off the shelf. They also make it easier to arrange the products.

Product categories

We complete many different individual orders for various wire elements. We manufacture each element according to the customer’s specification. Pricing and quantities are settled depending on the product and the technical requirements.

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