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Monoblocks for cooling table – loved and hated


Monoblocks for cooling table – loved and hated

Information on technical solutions

Currently two technical solutions are most widely used in refrigeration – split and monoblock cooling systems. Split cooling systems have been around for decades and are well-proven in certain temperature applications, however monoblock products are becoming ever more popular. Here’s a brief overview of the principles behind both systems.


Refrigeration products - monoblocks

Split cooling systems

The design of such systems is based on two cooling units – one located inside (on the wall, ceiling or elsewhere) and the other one mounted on the exterior wall of the cold room. Pressurized refrigerant gas (e.g. r290) is pumped by a compressor into the interior unit through a condenser coil. Once conveyed through the evaporator, the refrigerant rapidly expands into gaseous form, creating a drop in temperature. From the evaporator the gas is transferred back into the condenser coil, its temperature increases and the gas is repressurized into liquid form.

Monoblock cooling systems

The idea behind monoblock design is simple – a single tower with the appropriate dimensions is used to house the equipment, making such units more convenient for all temperature applications. Such products are self-contained, which means that a separate condenser or compressor is not necessary, reducing the need for available installation space. Such type of equipment however takes up more space due to its size, while the installation of such products and the necessary connection require much less effort.

Monoblocks for cooling table – loved and hated

Although it may seem otherwise, creating a cooling system may pose many difficulties. Assembling a system requires a number of components and some people with the relevant expertise. Everyday, many cooling equipment manufacturers are facing shortage of qualified workers. This market situation results from many factors.

Staff shortages - problem for the future

An insufficient number of cooling engineers to cover the open positions now and in the future is the main problem. Young people tend to opt for other professions and train in fields other than the cooling industry, which results in a dwindling number of new specialists in the field. Most experts have a seniority of between 30 and 50 years, which means they are about to end their careers. This is another factor that makes this profession become less and less popular.

Monoblock servicing

The analyzed problem reveals two mostly diverging experiences with monoblock cooling. A monoblock is a cooling unit loved by manufacturers but hated by service technicians. When you buy cooling equipment, after-sales service is often far from what one would expect and service technicians are expensive.

Not all manufacturers have service teams in every country. As an example, let’s take the ever so popular Zanzibar, where ambient temperature attracts thousands of tourists and the destination itself is located some 10 thousand kilometers away. Access to specialized service that would be able to help with refrigeration at this location is virtually impossible.


When used as a cooling unit, monoblocks solve this problem: anyone can replace a monoblock 1 to 1, considering how easy it is to install and remove the entire refrigeration system. If required, the customer can replace the monoblock on their own – all they need is a screwdriver and two hands.

Ready-made solution – SHELMO monoblock cooling

More and more refrigeration equipment manufacturers are faced with such situations. Responding to the rapidly growing, more and more common needs of manufacturers, we at SHELMO have created a ready-made and versatile solution. Learn about the benefits of a single mid-sized ready-made cooling system and its potential advantages. Note that the list of benefits of applying this solution for refrigeration is getting longer and longer every day.

Monoblock refrigeration – benefits

A cooling monoblock is a complete “plug & play” refrigeration system that provides countless advantages during operation. It is a single product that may be used in many different cooling tables or fit into cooling chambers. Monoblocks may also be installed on walls. This entails significant optimization of the manufacturing process, reducing production costs and, above all, boosting your company’s performance.

All of this allows you to devote more time to improving other areas at the company, e.g. customer service, without having to worry about technical aspects of refrigeration. This way you can maintain flexibility in developing new machines, at the same time making work much faster – having one model to fit them all.

High quality cooling systems

Want to manufacture cooling chambers faster?


Tired of being worried about storing large quantities of components?


Then a monoblock is the perfect solution. Assembling a refrigeration system on your own from scratch is time-consuming and requires sufficient expertise. With a complete solution that only needs you to install a component in the target device, you reduce the manufacturing time, which translates into shorter lead times. Forget all those times you have been worried whether you have sufficient components on stock to assemble a cooling system. Our monoblocks will replace all those products.

Made in Poland

Recently, we have seen this label appear on more and more products used in refrigeration. This is also due to the growing awareness of people who pay attention to where and how goods are manufactured. This is a highly positive phenomenon, as by supporting Polish manufacturers, we support the Polish economy. Monoblocks also fit into this category as well.


Additionally, the product is compliant with environmental requirements, as the cooling process is based on the R290 coolant, which is almost environmentally neutral. Therefore, we may rightly say SHELMO cooling monoblocks are a natural choice and a Polish refrigeration product.


When buying equipment or ready-made products, you always need to consider the logistics at every step of the ordering process for your refrigeration needs. With cooling monoblocks, you can cross this one out from your checklist. We can ship our products even to the most remote parts of the world. At a time of well-developed transportation, shipping to remote places is not as difficult as it used to be. That is why we can deliver everything everywhere.

Choose your monoblock

Let’s start a revolution at your company together. Order a ready monoblock from our offer or contact our Expert and choose a monoblock to fit your refrigeration needs. The possibilities to customize a monoblock are unlimited; we have many models in our offer. You can choose the temperature range, compressor power, etc.


Learn more about monoblocks. Our experts are waiting for your question. Click and fill in the form.

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