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Cooling monoblock R290 - a neutral gas


Cooling monoblock R290 – a neutral gas

In 2014, a regulation governing refrigerants from the group of so-called f-gases came into force. Its objective was mainly to contain climate changes. In this case, the main goal was reducing CO2 emissions.

Results of applying R290

As a result, it strictly limited the use of refrigerants popular in the cooling market at the time, which stopped being the best choice any more. Through research on new solutions, propane became very popular.

R290– a natural refrigerant

GWP - decisive factor for environmental impact of refrigerant gases

The GWP (Global Warming Potential) is one of the factors reflecting a cooling agent’s environmental impact. All gases with a GWP of below 7, which is considered low, are described as natural. The R290 gas has GWP (Global Warming Potential) factor at level 3. All SHELMO monoblocks use propane R290, which reduces their environmental impact and allows for more eco-friendly solutions in your cold room.

PN-EN 378 standard

The most crucial standard that governs the use of R290 for commercial refrigeration is PN-EN 378. According to PN-EN 378, cooling equipment with a refrigerant charge of less than 150 grams of a refrigerant may be operated anywhere. Limitations apply only to equipment operating in areas where people are present all the time.

SHELMO monoblocks

Natural refrigeration and R290 for monoblock units

Each of our monoblock systems is a refrigeration monoblock R290 – monoblock units for all applications, either for use in a cold room, for installation in small systems or for wall mounting are based on the natural refrigerant R290. The amount of the refrigerant used to cool hot gas in cooling monoblocks does not exceed 150 g, which is the refrigerant charge required under the PN-EN 378 standard.

Refrigeration with various types of monoblock units

Cooling hot gas with R290 ensures safety of operating the monoblock and the equipment it is installed on. Units for various applications may be installed in a number of ways. Central installation ensures cooling system efficiency and allows for better air circulation.

Various installation options for monoblock units

When the unit is to be installed in small areas or in a cold room, a range of installation options may be considered. Rooms for cooling equipment usually allow for a wall mount to be used. Other installation options include free-standing applications, monoblocks installed as part of a an existing system or other options – with the multitude of available approaches, we encourage you to get in touch with us to find the option that best suits your needs.


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Propane R290 as a natural alternative for synthetic gases is the perfect refrigerant for monoblock cooling systems.

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