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Wire shelves manufacturer

We’ve all heard of TV shows like “How it’s made?”. These formats are quite popular among audiences and not without a reason. At least once most of us have probably found themselves in a situation where we saw an appliance or an object at a store and asked ourselves: how does the manufacturer do it? I would say it lies in the human nature, being very curious about the world and everything in it. That is why we want to show you how shelve manufacturers actually do it.

Monoblocks for cooling table – loved and hated

Although it may seem otherwise, creating a cooling system may pose many difficulties. Assembling a system requires a number of components and some people with the relevant expertise. Everyday, many cooling equipment manufacturers are facing shortage of qualified workers. This market situation results from many factors.

WIRE SHELVES in gastronomy

A traditional fridge and some glass shelves may be not enough for storing products requiring the right temperature. The fridges we usually buy for our homes do not offer a sufficient number of shelves and enough space to be used in gastronomy, hoteling or grocery stores, not to mention solutions such as wire shelving. SHELMO offers a solution for this problem by offering wire shelving that can be adjusted to meet your needs.