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Polyethylene coating

Coating with polyethylene, also known as fluidized-bed coating or fluidization, is an alternative to powder coating. This process takes place in a fluidizer by creating a fluidized bed (small solid particles in an upward-moving stream of gas). The products, when immersed in the powder, obtain a uniform coating, and the polyethylene coating is flexible and smooth.

Monoblock for Cooling Cabinets

A monoblock for a cooling cabinet greatly facilitates the use of a refrigeration device. When we don’t have access to a service composed of qualified specialists who are knowledgeable in repairing faults in the refrigeration system, the problem becomes not only the long waiting time for service but also the high price.

2d and 3d wire bending

The material we use in our products and our daily work is mostly black steel. Upon agreement, other materials are also available, such as zinc-coated element bending. We bend wire with diameters between 3 mm and 10 mm. Using our own CNC machines, including 2D and 3D wire bending machines, we are able to batch-manufacture bent wire products. Our offer includes wire processing services (wire bending, cutting, spot welding, powder and fluidizing coating). Wire bending can be used depending on your intentions and expectations.

What kind of wire elements do we produce?

Materials such as carbon are used to manufacture steel wire using professional equipment, allowing various versions of a single product to be created. Our offer includes wire elements, such as baskets, shelves, shelf dividers, display hooks and others. With our continuously expanding machine pool, we increase our capacity to manufacture new and complex products.

Euroshop 2023

We invite you to visit our booth, see our products and talk about the possibilities we offer. We will be available from 26.02 to 02.03 in Hall 10G80. Our technical advisors will answer all your questions.

Wire dividers and enhancing goods display

Shelf dividers may help utilize the storage space up to 100 percent. Sometimes we do not want a single shelf to accommodate several product categories, so we just give up, thus wasting available space. In such a case, just use a divider to separate different products from one another. This way, with functional shop equipment, you can fit more assortment into the same space.

Fluidized bed coating

Fluidized bed coating is the process of creating a fluidized bed with a fluidizer. Following their insertion into the fluidized bed, the material particles come into contact with the heated element, reaching the melting point of the material and forming a homogeneous coating.

Shelmo in Sirha 2023

In hall 5, stand 5E98, we will present our products and capabilities. As a manufacturer of wire elements and monoblocks, many of our products are used in the catering industry.

Wire shelves plastic coated

A plastic coated steel wire shelf is obtained through the fluidization process. A wire shelf that consists of coated wire that has been thoroughly covered with polyethylene is a storage solution that is resistant to external factors and durable. Thorough cleaning of a wire shelf and pickling it directly before applying the fluidizing coating allows for obtaining a smooth coating that adheres very well to the material.

Wire bending

Our offer includes wire processing services (wire cutting, wire bending, wire welding). With our own machine park of CNC machines, which includes a 2D and 3D wire bending machine, we are able to offer the highest efficiency and repeatability in the market. Our machines can offer bent wire diameters from 2 to 12 mm.